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NexXt Level can put you on the web in style at an affordable price. Whether you would like us to design a completely new site, or just refit or maintain an existing site, NexXt Level can do it for you quickly and cost effectively. We can provide all your web solutions, from a basic web page, to a graphics-rich, animated experience, to a sophisticated e-commerce site with shopping cart capabilities. We design just for you!

Our design philosophy is to provide fresh solutions that are simple, clever and effective. In a word, solutions that work. We will provide a visually appealing, easy-to-use, functional web site. We do this by ensuring that your website is easy to navigate, well organized and consistent. We use sound design principles and proven technologies that are compatible across all modern browsers.

We're not just a website design studio, though. We offer online marketing campaigns, including Google AdWords, Yahoo! Sponsored Search, and Bing Search Advertising, along with all corresponding tracking codes to ensure you can track your advertising results. In addition, we can help you with your Social Networking needs, including Facebook and Twitter.  Contact us today to see how we can elevate your business to the nexXt level and beyond!           Some examples of our work.....

  • NexXt Level (Previous Website)NexXt Level (previous version of website)

    The previous version of the NexXt Level website was a completely animated Flash website, with very cool effects, such as swirling menu choices and sliding page transition effects. While Flash animation does look incredibly cool, it has become somewhat "out-of-date" with the advent of newer mobile devices (such as iPhone & iPad), that do not support Flash. Instead, HTML5 allows many of the same animation effects, and is more universally compatible. This site gives an idea of how the same business (NexXt Level) can be represented in 2 completely different and unique ways: the current "Digital Design Studio" site and the previous "Blue Sky" site.

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  • The Pier Hotel

    The Pier Hotel is a small, boutique hotel located in downtown St. Petersburg. This extensive site, with over a hundred pages, was created with Dreamweaver & Fireworks, and uses css, javascript, and .gif animation instead of Flash animation, to ensure maximum compatibility across all browsers, including mobile phones. This site also features integration with a third party reservation system, Synxis. The owner of this hotel wanted the website to reflect his hotel; that is, to exude a warm, old-world charm, while still having a somewhat modern, sophisticated look.

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  • Car Sale Website

    This website was designed to showcase the unique features of a Porsche Boxster for sale. This website is no longer active.

  • Artist's Portfolio An Artist's Portfolio Website

    This website was developed for an artist who wanted to showcase his portfolio of work, and sell his artwork via the website.

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  • Political Campaign Website Political Campaign Website

    This website was developed for a local politician using Flash technology. (Note this site was developed in 2002, and does not reflect current modern technology.)

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  • Search Engines Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

    Just having a website is not enough! Your customers need to be able to find you. The most used method of searching the web is through the use of search engines; and the giants in this arena are Google, Yahoo! and Bing. NexXt Level can help you in two ways: First, by optimizing your website for the search engines to find your site through the use of keywords, meta-tags, appropriate content, etc. Second, by creating and maintaining paid search engine marketing campaigns. This is where you pay-per-click to show up in the top rankings when people search for keywords that are appropriate for your site. Let NexXt Level help you drive more business to your site through optimal use of the major search engines!

  • Facebook & Twitter Social Networking

    NexXt Level can help your business take maximum advantage of the new frenzy of social networking outlets, like Facebook and Twitter. Keep your customers abreast of the latest happenings in your business with a Facebook page, or by tweeting to your followers. Or have your customers tweet about you.

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