Software Design


Our Solution Providers have been creating custom software applications since 1992 for a variety of businesses. NexXt Level specializes in database solutions for your company. Whether it is a simple desktop database, or full-fledged client-server application, NexXt Level can create it for you. Our experience creating software solutions encompasses a wide variety of applications, from "in-house" only systems used within a company, to commercially marketed software. We will work closely with your company through all levels of software development: from an initial needs assessment, to determining system requirements, to database modeling, to designing a user-friendly, standardized interface, all the way through systems testing to ensure you have a quality product. Some development efforts.....

  • Pure Air Control Services Pure Air Control Services and Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory

    This mission-critical database application was started by NexXt Level in 1994, and is still running the core business operations of this Indoor Air Quality company to this day. Various modules have included: accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), project scheduling and tracking, telemarketing/prospecting, direct mail advertising, and environmental diagnostics sample tracking and analysis. Our database is at the core of this AIHA certified environmental testing laboratory, with the capability of querying, analyzing and reporting on hundreds of thousands of samples, taken over 3.5 million square feet of office and home space. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive cross-relational databases of it's kind in the nation. This legacy system is still maintained and updated by NexXt Level.

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  • OutBid Auction Management Software

    First developed by NexXt Level for Bern's Steak House and it's WineFest Silent Auction, this auction management software has been used for several charity auction events. It simplifies the registration of guests, tracking of auction items and bid lots, and checking winning bidders out. This software, along with NexXt Level representatives, are available for use by your next charity auction event! Please contact us for more information.

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  • Interstate Transport Interstate Transport and InMotion Global - "InMotion" and "TransPlant"

    NexXt Level designed the transportation logistics software that helped boost a new company, specializing initially in transporting live plants from nurseries to Home Depot locations across the country, to become the fastest growing logisitics company in Florida. This logistics software allowed for freight routing and optimization, freight load tendering, load tracking & management. The InMotion software (and it's sister software "TransPlant") lead the way for the explosive growth of Interstate Transport, eventually becoming the world's most advanced Transportation Management Software, and resulting in a spin-off into InMotion Global, a leading IT Logistics company.

  • eLutions  (née TeCom) - "EnergyView"

    Once a subsidiary of TECO Energy, TeCom sold commercially-marketed energy usage, analysis & management software and hardware. The principal of NexXt Level was one of the inital developers of the EnergyView software marketed by TeCom. TeCom was spun-off and became an independent company called eLutions.